The Band of the Red Sash

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The Band of the Red Sash
Type Military
Scale Regional (Kandor)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Leader Remus Proudfoots

The Band of the Red Sash has been around for ages. Its exact origins are pretty much lost to the members, except for that it exists to combat the forces of the underworld and to protect its own. For some people, they are inducted into the Band for being brave, strong, or craft. For others, the Band is life; they were born in it, and they'll die in its service.

The Band's domain is primarily focused in Kandor.

Supposed Origins (as told by its mostly halfling leadership)

A young halfling, whose real name has been forgotten in the passing of time, was taken prisoner after his parents were killed and his village was raised. He was taken down far beneath the crust of the earth and down into the Underdark. Down there, he was forced to fight in the arena for the amusement of the Underdark denizens. Once such battle faced him against a much larger orc, the current champion of the arena. Instead of being slain instantly, the halfing danced around him seemingly untouchable. His daggers flew with speed and accuracy, and the orc did not know where they were going to strike. After half a minute, the orc was dead and the halfing stood on his corpse, looking out at the crowd with anger.

After a time of countless victories, and earning the nickname, "The Invisible Blade", the halfing led a revolt that overthrew his Underdark masters and led the freed prisoners to the surface. The halfling continued on his work of freeing the oppressed from evil and formed The Band of the Red Hand.


The Band is currently led by Remus Proudfoots.

Recent History

The Band's most recent activities for the past two dozen years have been mostly focused on keeping Tavolar Tyrell out of the hands of his father.

They failed in this duty in 1331, when Tavolar was captured by his brother Dace Tyrell in Sasserine.

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