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Character Creation

See individual campaign pages for character creation rules.

Referencing Game Materials In-game

It is considered cheating to reference game statistics to increase your out-of-character knowledge during relevant gameplay.

For instance, it is cheating to look up the statistics for a ghost when you are encountering one or look up a magic item that you heard that the BBEG has. Feel free to research this information in-character through your knowledge skills or at the friendly local sage shop.

If your attention is wavering, it is not cheating to read gaming materials during the game that do not provide additional insight in the current or upcoming situations. For example, browsing the Arms and Equipment Guide during downtime or Drow of the Underdark when there have been no hints of upcoming drow encounters are fine. Additionally, it is okay to reference statistics for creatures you own/summon (but not necessarily if you just control them) or for magic items, feats, skills, etc. that your character has.

Leveling Up

HP increase: Half HD + 1 + Con (or if the player really wants to roll, he or she can but must take the below-average amount that he or she will end up rolling)

Monster Knowledge

At the DM's discretion, non-core or rare monsters can have their identification DCs increased.

Minimum Number of Players

The minimum number of players a session will be run for is four. They do not need to consist of a balanced party.

Non-game Discussions

We're here to have fun, so if that fun consists of an hour of blowing off steam about work, then so be it.

Any references to the hated phrase "Murder. Death. Kill." will be met with swift justice.

Non-game Materials

Please avoid material that saps away your attention from the game, such as reddit browsing or video-game playing.

Death Speech

For dramatic effect, the DM reserves the right to have someone say a few words as they are dying, where normally timely intervention of healing magic would save them.


The traditional experience system is not used. Levels are gained at a rate of once per four sessions. All characters gain experience at this rate, whether or not their players attended the session.

PC Info

PC:House Rules

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