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Jaren Elensar
Race Gray Elf
Class Mage 10, Noble 5
Affiliations Daeron Elensar

Resident of the Gray Elf Village of Medein, in the southern Spikeshroud Mountains. Member of Arcanus Magnus. Father of Daeron Elensar.

[edit] Main Characteristics

Jaren Elensar was born in the Gray Elf city of Hemen in 1003. He traveled top and settled in Medein in 1145. His father, Lerion Elensar, bade him to move to spread the influence of the family. Jaren has devoted his life to the spread of his family's power and influence. As a member of the noble class, he has great personal wealth and prestige.

[edit] History

Jaren was born in 1003. He was schooled by the sages of the city, and initiated into Arcanus Magnus in 1105. Served on the ruling council of the city of Hemen from 1140-1145. In 1145 traveled to Medein to establish a fotothold for his family's influence. Serves on Medein ruling council.

Jaren has fallen slightly from his family's favor since his son Daeron refused the rites of initiation into the nobility. However, he has begun to recover, and has become more involved with his other son Darin. Darin has already been initiated into the noble class, and is abroad studying.

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