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Punbert Nacklewick
Race Gnome
Class Wizard 4
Affiliations Pyrrhic Victory

[edit] Humble beginnings, friendships are born

Punbert Nacklewick grew up in the gnomish city of Gnorenon. While he frittered away his youth playing pranks and pursuing gnome girls, he spent his adulthood learning the trade of the Librarian. It was here amongst the stacks that he met one of his oldest friends, Axel Blaine. Being a cleric in the church of Garl Glittergold, Axel spent long hours at the library researching the greatest pranks in history (it is a little known fact that a gnome in the service of Marco slipped itching powder into Marco's pants at least 3 times throughout his reign).

As Axel and Punbert's friendship grew, Axel began to confide in Punbert. He saw his new son Lars as...different somehow. He couldn't place just what it was that was off about him, but it unnerved him deeply. As Lars grew older and more obviousy...different, Axel looked desperately for a role-model to help form Lars' personality. Punbert seemed to be the obvious choice, as a close friend of the family and displayed many of the most admirable gnomish qualities. Axel began to send Lars to the library to learn from Punbert. They became fast friends.

Meanwhile, Punbert began to dabble in the arcane arts. Never all that thrilled by illusion, he began by developing himself as an evoker. He kept his practice and new skills secret, as the paperwork for becoming a wizard is absolutely immense and the mage insurance mandated by law to help pay for property damage caused by casters is far overpriced. Not to mention, once people know you're a wizard they pester you endlessly for favors. A smart wizard is a covert wizard.

It didn't take long for little Lars to figure out what Punbert was up to. His own arcane inclinations made the warning signs of magic abuse quite evident. When confronted, Punbert broke down and confessed immediately. It had been so hard keeping such a huge part of himself bottled away where no one could see it. Lars agreed to keep his secret in exchange for being allowed to try and practice the arts with him.

It became quickly evident that while they both had a passion for magic, their methods were quite different. While Punbert applied his librarian's patience to learning the ins and outs of wizardry, Lars seemed to just feel it out. He couldn't be bothered to study, and his results were often unpredictable. Punbert grew frustrated with Lars' seeming inability to concentrate and unwillingness to spend the hours necessary for proper study of the magical arts. While they both seemed to grow in power through their efforts, they also grew apart.

Time went on and Lars spent less and less time at the library, stopping by only occasionally to feed his love of history. More and more of his time was spent getting to know many people, learning what it was that made them tick and how to play to a crowd. His gnomish love of comedy seemed to drive his actions and even his magic. Punbert continued his studies once more alone.

At the time of Lars' scandalous exile, Punbert had not spoken with him in several months. The event barely registered until Axel came to the library one day, fraught with grief. His callous treatment of his own son had brought about a crisis of faith. Unable to eat or sleep since the exile, he prayed desperately night and day and received no answer of any sort. Now, weakened and shamed, he came to his oldest and dearest friend with one request. "Find my son. Protect him!"

[edit] The search

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