Vito Orcaleone

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Vito Orcaleone
Race Human
Class Expert/Rogue
Affiliations Orcaleone Crime Family


Vito Orcaleone was born into a poor family in 1281. He was the eldest of 11 children. Vito’s father was a laborer in the tiny village of Andoni in southern Daromir. The elder Orcaleone worked hard, but had a sever gambling problem. He owed money to a gang of local thugs, but one day was unable to pay due to the need to feed his family. He was found dead in a copse of trees outside of town in 1298, when Vito was only 17.

Vito immediately became the provider for his family. He disdained the simple work of his father, and vowed to never be beholden to any other man. He immediately began to plan his escape from Andoni. His opportunity came one year later, when he joined a traveling mercenary company. He left his family, promising to send money back when he made his way. Over the next two years Vito learned to fight, and to be ruthless in his pursuits. He traveled with the company all over Daromir, participating in many battles. In 1300, he returned home. Vito found his home deserted. He learned that his mother had died the year before, and the rest of his family had gone north to Siciliano a year ago when their money ran out.

Vito traveled north, and spent the next month locating the remains of his family. He learned that his brothers had been killed by the local gang, and his sisters had been sold into slavery as prostitutes. His heart desired revenge. He located the leader of the gang, a fat old man too possessed by comforts. Posing as a hired sword, he killed the boss with a dagger he hid in his gauntlet. Victorious, he challenged any man to challenge him for control. When three more bodies lay on the floor in front of him, no other men stepped forward.

Vito hadn’t known what he had stepped into. The local gang he thought he had taken dominance over turned out to be part of a much larger network. Weeks later he was subjected to the rites of passage, and was fully accepted into the brotherhood. Over the next years Vito consolidated his power, eventually taking control of the entire crime family. It was renamed and rebuilt in his image, and he assumed the title of Don Orcaleone. His methods have become more and more secretive, but his sway over the underworld became undeniable. His network swelled with warriors, thieves, and assassins.

In this year, Don Orcaleone’s power is undeniable, his plans unknown, but his aim is clear. He will become the most powerful man in Mezra.

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