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Player turns are kept in the DM Info section.

Turn Template:

Faction Status Report - Turn #

Notable Events

Monetary Status

Goal Status

Military Status

Turn Actions -- DUEDATE

1. Rank the following activities for your faction from 0 to 4. An activity with 4 in it is very important to you this turn and will most likely make progress if not succeed. An activity ranked at 0 will be more or less ignored by your faction for this turn.

__ Recruitment
__ Propaganda
__ Financial
__ Political
__ Aggression

2. Detail specific actions you would like to take: (this is where you put your free form requests, threats, actions, and other underhanded doings)

3. Detail an NPC important to your faction: (detail some information about an NPC important to your faction. This NPC could be a member, an ally, an enemy etc.)

PC Info

PC:Campaign Pre-game

DM Info

DM:Campaign Pre-game

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