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September 1001

October 1001

  • A series of tremors are felt throughout Northern Kandor.
  • Hostilities with Kansama escalate. Battles upon the sea and the border intensify.
  • The undead population around Mortib's Tower increases dramatically, but they do not expand out of their normal area. There is no word from the necromancer Mortib about his intentions.

November 1001

  • A falling star smashes into Lunos, Mezra's second moon. Meteor showers persist for the rest of the month.
  • A wild elf offensive causes strife from the northern border to the River Rearidon. Kandori troops from Anvilrock are called in to quell the attacks.
  • While the garrison is away dealing with wild elves, several duergar raids are conducted on Anvilrock. While two dozen dwarves are slain, many non-dwarf residents are taken away as slaves.

December 1001


January 1002

February 1002

March 1002

April 1002

  • Earthquakes continue to strike across Northern Kandor.
  • Warbands of the Splittongue orc clan are seen west of the Nomandi Mountains, outside of their normal territory.
  • Much of the garrison in Garriton leaves for an extended campaign against the wild elves in the Kharadin Woods. Minkirk Dalito leads the troop and vows to kill any wild elf found outside of Streamwind.
  • The She-troll's Bastard, one of the six ships recently sent in search of the Island of Dira, appears suddenly in the air above Boccorit. The ship crashes down, causing extensive damage. None of the crew are present. Scrying and divinations fail to reveal the status of the rest of the expedition.

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