Dairy Farmers and Merchants Guild

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A guild dedicated to forwarding the agendas of both dairy farmers and dairy merchants.


  • Increasing the price of dairy products in the marketplace
  • Impeding the efforts of rival crops such as soy
  • World Domination


The Dairy Farmers and Merchants Guild is a newcomer to the political arena. They were founded about 40 years ago by some cheese mongers who were not happy with the current state of dairy prices. They have since gained the support of most of the dairy industry. This has caused a recent spike in the costs of cheese and other dairy products around the continent as they institute price-fixing and other market controlling policies.

Realizing the power it is possible to wield through the control of the world’s food supply, their leader Marcus Fink has begun plans to dominate other food industries.

Enforcement of the guild’s policies is carried out by a front organization called the United Dairy Force. This group is made up mostly of petty thugs and is not overtly connected to the Dairy Farmers and Merchants Guild. They are always looking for new members.

This player-submitted organization was created by Tim Ward.

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