Jorem Dutchwood

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Jorem Dutchwood
Race Human
Class Rogue
Affiliations Redbridge

Jorem Dutchwood is a retired fence from Paldamon, currently residing Redbridge after receiving a pardon for his crimes. He has the typical wide girth of a successful innkeeper, which in fact was his front during his time in the capital. Jorem is known for his intelligence and keen eye for value. It takes a lot to stir Jorem's passions nowadays, but he has a soft spot for those in need. The retiree likes to spend his time in Redbridge's taverns, speaking jovially with travelers about the news of the realm. Though he no longer receives stolen goods, he knows many of the shadier elements that operate in Northern Kandor. When he gets excited, his dimples crater his cheeks and a gleam can be seen in his eye as if he is recalling a fondly-remembered past.

PC Info

PC:Jorem Dutchwood

DM Info

DM:Jorem Dutchwood

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