Lars Blaine

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Player Character
Lars Blaine
Player Tim Ward
Affiliations PC Party, Pyrrhic Victory



Lars Blaine grew up with his parents in the gnomish city of Gnorenon. His father Axel Blaine is a Cleric of Garl Glittergold. His early life was rough, as his strong personal beliefs prevented him from hiding the fact that he is gay. He was able to endure this until he was one day caught in bed with the son of a wealthy noble. In order to avoid embarrassment, the noble pulled some strings and had him exiled.

Despondent, Lars spent the next few years traveling from port town to port town racking up debts and defaulting on them, staying just one step ahead of the collectors. After a particularly close scrape with the UDF, he headed inland for cover.

Traveling from village to village telling humorous stories of his capers, he one day ran into an agent of Pyrrhic Victory. After hitting it off with him, he decided to join and traveled to their headquarters in Sasserine to train as a Bard. After learning the art of comedic storytelling and honing his skills, he was sent on his first mission: join an adventuring party and record their doings. It is this mission which brings him to Dormantown.


PC Info

After the events surrounding the initial death of the party and the discovery of the Forshantir, Lars has taken the opportunity of having a corpse that appears to be his to change his name to Alan Bree. He hopes this will allow his debts to die with Lars Blaine.

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