Madal Ervir

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Madal Ervir
Race Dwarf
Class Inquisitor
Affiliations Paldamon, Church of Fortubo

Madal Ervir is a dwarven inquisitor of Fortubo who specializes in hunting down dwarves who have fallen from good. He is overly lean for one of his race, but his face and beard are unmistakenly dwarven. Madal is known for having a very keen nose and is often observed smelling evidence. He is devoted to his god, but has utter disdain for the Church of Fortubo, which he believes is overburdened by hierarchy. Inquisitor Ervir is direct and to the point in his interactions with others, often seen as impolite or down-right rude; he is especially coarse with those who believe to be above him in station. Despite his contempt for his church, he has excellent knowledge of its organization, personalities, and workings and is able to influence it to action if he absolutely needs to. Madal is rarely without an apple in hand and has been known to eat up to twenty in a day; running out of apples is often accompanied by tears.

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