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PC Info

Race Gray Elf
Class unknown
Affiliations Daeron Elensar

Resident of the Gray Elf Village of Medein, in the southern Spikeshroud Mountains. Main love interest of Daeron Elensar.

Main Characteristics

Aranessa Trusilion was born in Medein in 1230. Her parents are Gradian and Illani Trusilion. Trusilion means "tarnished silver" in the local dialect of the Gray Elves. She currently resides in Medein with her father.


Aranessa's mother died shortly after her birth. Her father Gradian has raised her himself, with some help from others in his family. The Trusilions used to be members of the aristocratic Mage order of the Gray Elf nation (Arcanus Magnus), but were cast out in the year 465. Her ancestor was rumored to experiment with powers forbidden by the order, but what it might have been has never been revealed.

Aranessa (called Nessa by those close to her) relished her family's place on the outskirts of Gray Elf society. She carries herself with the dignity of her aristocratic ancestors, but it is tempered by a roguish irreverence and disdain for tradition. She grew up with the now infamous Daeron Elensar.

Daeron shirked his place in Gray Elf society by refusing induction into Arcanus Magnus, and leaving to find a new place in the world. While this move was shocking to the Gray Elf Society at large (who has fully expected him to take his father's place as one of the greatest of the order), it only endeared him more to her. He promised on the night he left that he would return to take her as his wife once he had found his place. He left on the eve of August 4th, 1330.

After waiting for two years, Nessa felt the wanderlust strike her as well. She has set out find him, and perhaps herself as well.

DM Info


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