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Alan Aldaman
Race Human
Class Bard
Affiliations Pyrrhic Victory

Alan Aldaman founded Pyrrhic Victory on January 1st, 1299 after losing a bet. He had been on a particularly bad bender for the previous few weeks and had made the bet with James Farrkir that he could actually pee OVER the bar they were frequenting. As a couple of down-on-their-luck bards, the stakes of the bet were either that Alan would form an organization dedicated to furthering the cause of bards, or James would run around the bar three times naked. Thankfully, Alan lost.

While initially created as a joke, the two eventually decided that maybe it wasn't as hairbrained an idea as they'd originally thought. Besides, at that point they'd already written up a charter and swindled their way into a guildhall. They decided to stick it out and Alan became the head of the organization. Surprisingly enough, the organization grew under Alan's haphazard leadership, and he is now the leader of a formidable army of bards.

While his responsibilities have grown, his penchant for drinking too much and making stupid bets is as strong as ever. In 1326, he decided to voluntarily have himself feebleminded for a year "just to see what it felt like." Unfortunately, after the year was up, none of his friends had the cash to pay for a cleric to Heal him. As such, he has been feebleminded ever since. Oddly, though, he has not been removed as the head of Pyrrhic Victory, and some say that his leadership is more effective than ever.

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