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Alric Stark
Race Human
Class Barbarian 1/Cleric 17
Affiliations The Reformed Church of Kord, Lasterion's League

Alric Stark was a beast of a man, standing over 6 feet tall, with a long mane of dark brown hair. He had a very bulky muscular physique which was perfect for his brutal method of combat.

In his adventuring days he would often be seen wearing the hides of the various beasts he slew over his adamantine armor. He was also never found without his Greatsword, which he always carried with him

[edit] Adventuring Life

Alric Stark was born on Loranon during a time after the Marco Wars when the influence of the Drow was at it's height. Under their rule, humans often were treated as beneath the other "superior races".

Alric began his career as an adventurer when he was hired as a personal bodygaurd by a Drow named Lasterion. Lasterion was on the run from his house, and joined up with a group of rebels fighting against the Drow Regime.

Smashdor cared very little about the motivations of the quest, and focused more on the act of destruction. He found himself more than capable of channeling the gods divine power through him to give himself greater and greater strength. He became obsessed with his power, and sought to destroy everything that stood in his way, and the more powerful and more dangerous the object, the more readily he took to destroying it. This earned him the nickname "Smashdor" for his readiness to destroy everything in his path.

In the end, it was his adventuring team that waged the final battle against the Drow, forcing the last vestiges of their influence on the surface back down into the underdark. It was Smashdor who destroyed the domed city of Aktholth and buried it under the sands of the Nomandi desert.

[edit] The Order of Smashdor

After the destruction of the Drow Empire, Alric wandered Loranon in search for like minded individuals and spread word of his fascinating philosophy. Once he had acquired a great following, he founded the Order of Smashdor, who taught that feats of destruction and strength would lead to enlightenment. His followers spread out to the far corners of Loranon, serving as adventurers and warriors to various causes, to prove their might to others.

[edit] Death

When Alric "Smashdor" Stark was 65, he died fighting a Great Black Wyrm. After having been swallowed whole, he channelled the full strength of his divine energy into tearing the dragon apart. He succeeded, but the energy coursing through him killed him as well. All attempts to resurrect the hero failed.

It is said when a follower of Smashdor dies, he finds himself in a world reunited with Alric, filled with the most fearsome creatures in the world, and gets to spend the rest of eternity constantly fighting alongside him.

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