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Darian Dorman
Race Elf
Class Aristocrat 10, Expert 5
Affiliations House Dorman

Darian Dorman is the head aristocrat of house Dorman in Dormantown. He is approximately 472 years old, and in addition to being quite wealthy and influential, is very interested in the history of the Dwarves of the Dormantown area, especially the dungeon of Neverfall. Darian Dorman has possibly one of the largest collections of Dwarven artifacts on the entire continent, including a wide variety of magically enchanted Dwarven waraxes and specially crafted tower shields.

Darian has been known to give select pieces from his collection out as rewards to Dwarven warriors who have achieved great deeds. The pieces are often themed toward the accomplishment being rewarded. For example, he once gave a 4th level Dwarven fighter a +1 Keen Dwarven Waraxe for aiding in the defeat of a 12 head hydra. Another time, he gave a 4th level Dwarven fighter a +2 Dwarven Waraxe and a +1 Tower Shield of Moderate Fortification for aiding in the defeat of a party of mighty Orcish barbarians who had been assaulting the region.

Three months ago one of Darian's youngest grand-children, Luci Dorman, had taken ill due to the deleterious effects of the Winter of No End. All physicians and priests in the area had told him that there would be little hope for saving her while the extremely cold weather persisted. Since the apparent cessation of the Winter of No End, she has started to take a turn for the better, and Darian is actively searching for someone who can tell him what in the world was wrong, and how it came to be made right. If a Dwarf was involved, there will probably be a reward.

Additionally, Darian has been looking for a party of adventurers, hopefully containing one or more Dwarves, to scout out a few levels of Neverfall for him. He is immensely interested in the dungeon, but as he has had no real training as a warrior, he has been unable to do any on-site research himself due to the apparent infestation of undead. Glittering prizes are what he has to offer in return for any that can go out in search of answers to the mysteries of Neverfall.

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