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Duerana Flamebullion
Race Deep Dwarf/Duergar
Class unknown
Affiliations Flamebullion Clan

Duerana Flamebullion, leads a group of honor-retrievers in pursuit of Rymlli Flamebullion.

[edit] Physical Description

Duerana (Dwarven translation “Dark Eyes”) Flamebullion is aptly named. Her eyes are a cold black that suck energy from their surroundings. Conversations usually end abruptly when Duerana walks into the room as if the very sound waves were consumed by her eyes.

Flamebullion females can usually be identified by their coarse bright red to straw blond hair that they wear in thick braids down their back. Duerana's hair is charcoal gray and too sparse to braid. Recent gossip amongst the females of Clan Flamebullion have it that she'll be completely bald before her 100th birthday.

The Flamebullion females gossip that Duerana's physical traits have their roots in the abduction of her mother by a group of Duergar raiders.

[edit] Background

Duerana is known to never leave a task half done. Once she sets her mind to a task or a goal she sees it through no matter the consequences. Duerana has been leading groups of honor-retrievers for the last three years. She has never failed in a “retrieval” task and looks down upon those who have. She is a constant source of gossip for the females of Clan Flamebullion who avoid all contact with her if they can help it. She is a constant source of irritation and suspicion for the males of Clan Flamebullion, many of whom have their doubts about what really happened during the Test of Wills between her and Old Bazgal. Whenever possible, the clan sends Duerana off on tasks that will keep her way for months at a time.

[edit] Recent Activities

Duerana has been tasked with the “retrieval” of Rymlli Flamebullion who faces accusations of practicing the arcane arts. She retrieved his body from a grave in Dormantown but a few weeks after she returned to the clan hall she was again sent out on the same mission. She and her small group of honor-retrievers had been snowbound by the Winter of No End but are once again on surface world in pursuit of Rymlli Flamebullion.

[edit] Other Notes of Interest

Duerana obtained her current rank in the honor-retrievers after challenging Old Bazgal for his position. Bazgal (Dwarven translation “Fire Shield") once led a group of honor-retrievers in pursuit of Mekda Flamebullion. Bazgal and his troops ambushed Mekda near his home in the Cauldron Mountains in 1328. During the battle in which Mekda ultimately eluded capture, Bazgal lost his shield arm to a ray spell. All efforts to regenerate Bazgal's shield arm have failed. Those present at the battle failed their spellcraft checks and the exact nature of the magic that took Bazgal's arm remain unknown to the Flamebullion clan to this day.

Duerana declared Bazgal's inability to retrieve Mekda Flamebullion as a dishonor to the clan and challenged him to a Test of Wills for his position amongst the honor retrievers. Observers in the room during the Test of Wills noted a low hum moments before a trickle of blood was seen coming from Bazgal's ear. Another observer noted that Duerana was unconscious. While rousing Duerana from her unconscious state, further investigations of Bazgal's state proved that he was dead. Unable to determine if Bazgal's death or Duerana's unconscious state occurred first, the matter was hushed up to avoid controversy amongst the clan. The observers were sworn to secrecy.

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