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Pregame fooding is always an important topic to consider when playing a beck campaign. The restroom in the basement of Casa de Beck is lacking in the air circulation department. An embarrasing bowel movement can leave those gathered gasping for fresh air. Proper pregame fooding can also lead to decreased out of pocket expenses as individuals are able to properly weigh their need for food against their need for stripper cash. Precious table time can also be saved by fooding first instead of ordering in the middle of a game.

The following establishments are good bets for Pregame fooding:

[edit] Smokin' Ox

The Smokin' Ox pulls their pork and squeezes their lemons everyday. Whilst their website is not up to date and is filled with broken links and spyware, their menus is faithfully maintained at the Campus Menus - Smokin' Ox portal.

With this coupon, the following goodies can be enjoyed before any FRIDAY game from 4:30-6PM

$1.00 Hot Soft Pretzel
$1.50 Soup of the Day
$2.50 Texas Chili
$3.00 Mini Corn Dogs
$3.50 Chili con Queso, Cheese Fries, Mini Corn Dog Surprise, Frito Pie, Hot Pecan Dip
$4.00 Cheese Fries with Chili, Buffalo Chicken Fingers, Beer Battered Pickles, Buffalo Chicken Rolls, Ox Nachos, Texas Rolls

[edit] Taco Bell

Bean burritos can be used as currency for favors both mundane and sexual.
Cheesy Beefy Melts are the greatest things to ever grace the Taco Bell menu. They must be consumed in a hot or warm state. Four or five hours spent on a gaming table is no way to treat this food stuff, it should have been in your belly within the first twenty minutes.

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