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From the 762 official prestige classes, I’m compiling a list of those that I wish to make a part of affiliation advancement. If you would like me to add or take away something from this list, let me know.


  • Dwarven Defender (Wrymslayer Clan)


  • Arcane Archer (Solonor Thelandira Archer Org)
  • Bladesinger (Corellon Larethian affiliation)


  • The Divine Prankster (Garl Glittergold sect)


  • Whisperknife (Halfling anti-defamation org)


  • Eye of Gruumsh (Gruumsh worshipping spikeshroud nationalists)


  • Divine Crusader (handful of religious sects)
  • Radiant Servant of Pelor and possibly other specialty priests dedicated to a specific deity (specialized religious sects)


  • Duelist (pirate or anti-pirate group?)
  • Kensai (The Gnome Hooked Hammer Lovers guild?/continental oath of service group)
  • War chanter (“war makes for good songs” bard college)
  • Master of Many Forms (animal eroticists?)
  • Loremaster (knowledge seeker group)
  • Archmage (wizard school – redhurst academy of magic?)
  • Mystic Theurge (James Wyatt fan club)
  • Spellsword (some strange mercenary company)
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