Session Recap - 9 September 2011

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Session Recap
9 September 2011
Start Date 19 April 1002
End Date 27 April 1002
Adventure Locations Wilderness, Anvilrock Environs, Anvilrock
Previous Session 2 September 2011
Next Session 16 September 2011
Image:Session Recap - 9 September 2011.png

Participating Characters

Heimdalsgate, Illia Viran, Jalfrezi, Pan Oros, Rickard Hill, Therthyra Brutebeard

Onward to Anvilrock

After securing a reason to travel to Anvilrock (drug smuggling), the party left Oclaut behind on a trek into the north. The overland trip was marked by only a single event: the discovery of a wounded ranger who was a member of The Arrow's Wrath, a group dedicated to hunting powerful, rare, or unique creatures. Upon being healed, he revealed that he was on the hunt for an old and powerful dire boar named Onetusk, but she had gotten the upper hand on him during the hunt. He noted that Onetusk always plays with her prey before killing them and that he thought she would be back any moment to finish him off. Sure enough, a horrid pig-squeel filled the air. As the party rose to do battle, the ranger warned them about her savagery. Within twelve seconds, the beast was seduced and slain. No longer would Onetusk hunt the countryside.

Obviously impessed by the party's skill, the ranger invited them to join his organization. He mentioned that they had representatives in Redbridge and Garriton.

The party arrives at the surface entrance to the tunnels to Anvilrock.

Travelling Underground

The party arrived at the surface entrance that led to Anvilrock without further event.

However, halfway through the tunnels to Anvilrock proper, an earthquake struck, collapsing many of the tunnels. The party found an alternative way to Anvilrock, but it led through abandoned mines and unpatrolled tunnels. They were beset by various foes, including water elementals, fungal crawlers, duergar, and a drider.

The party struggles against a group of duergar.

Based on a note recovered from the body of the duergar leader, they were trying to discover an alternative way to the surface world.


Jalfrezi flees during the Fungal Crawler Caper.

Heimdalsgate dies from the electric onslaught of the drider.

Arrival in Anvilrock

The party arrived in Anvilrock. Therthyra visited with her family, Heimdalsgate was reincarnated into a dwarf, and Jalfrezi made his drug delivery.

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