Trejan Langedon

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Trejan Langedon
Race Human
Class Cleric
Affiliations Order of the Phoenix, Cauldron, Church of Pelor

Trejan began his life as a forgotten bastard of some nobleman. One day, when Trejan tried to speak with his father, he was thrown back on the streets and beaten by the nobleman's guards.

Trejan spent much of his early life living on the streets of Zozon, plotting his revenge against his father. After becoming the leader of a street gang, his plans came to fruition, burning his father's warehouses, killing his livestock, and spoiling his mistresses. During the final phase of his revenge, during which he planned to torture and kill his father, he was caught and thrown into the dungeons.

Trejan spent three years in the dungeons, for some reason kept alive even though his offenses should have meant his death. During these years he came to respect Rao Dermian, a cleric of Pelor, who would come and preach hope and light to the prisoners. Trejan's own faith in Pelor grew and he rejected the evil of his past.

During an attack on Zozon, the prisoners were freed. Trejan witnessed Rao's death defending the city and was inspired to take up the fallen cleric's mace and holy symbol while the rest of the prisoners fled for their lives. Trejan proved himself through many good acts that day, ultimately being found by the guards while saving the life of a little girl from a house fire.

The guards allowed him to be entrusted to the Church of Pelor and after a year as an initiate, Trejan was exonerated of his crimes.

Trejan struck out as a mission cleric, and was pivotal in the events of The Shackled City. The citizenry and nobles of Cauldron were so impressed by his role in saving their city, that they elected him mayor in November, 1331.

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