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Player Character
Tristram Shandy
Player Tim Ward
Affiliations PC Party


Tristram Shandy is tall and gawky with blond hair and blue eyes; he is an awkward-looking Wizard whose appearance does not reflect the nobility of his heritage. His demeanor reflects only the least attractive facets of nobility (arrogance and a dismissal of those “beneath” him). He is prone to making snap decisions based on the information at hand. Being as young as he is, he does not take the time to consult his vast amounts of knowledge unless he is able to flaunt it in front of his peers.


April 13th, 1312
Tristram is born in Xalo to Lord Darian and Lady Sandra Shandy.
April 13th, 1317
Tested for arcane sensitivity at the age of 5 (as is the law in Daromir), Tristram was found to have significant potential.
July 30th, 1322
Apprenticed to Lord Ignacius Alvers, a renowned evoker, Tristram quickly becomes a most precocious apprentice.
January 1st, 1330
Tristram secretly professes his love to Annie Stollbuck, a servent at Shandy Manor.
October 30th, 1331
Lady Shandy discovers the relationship between Tristram and Annie.
February 20th, 1332
Annie Stollbuck is dismissed from the Shandy household.
February 21st, 1332
Tristram discovers that Annie has been dismissed. He is unable to find her and hires a detective to track her down.
March 1st, 1332
The detective, Taliesin Caradoc, turns up no trail after tracking her to Amelia. The detective believes she has likely been captured by slavers to be sold into the sex slave trade.

Family, Friends, and Enemies

Parents: Lord Darian and Lady Sandra Shandy. While they care for their son, they lead very busy lives. Both powerful wizards, they must split their time between politics and the affairs of state and the pursuit of more powerful magic. Darian is obsessed with the idea of time travel. He spends nearly all his time researching and testing to this end, attempting to create a time travel spell.

Friends: Tristram spends most of his time in his studies of evocation. His only two friends are his secret girlfriend Annie Stollbuck and his best friend Alex Danver. He is also close with his master, Ignacius Alvers.

Enemies: Tristram has no personal enemies as he spends so much of his time in his studies. The Shandy house is opposed politically by house Shadybrook, who believe that non-magic-users should have the rights of citizens. The Shandy's are ideologically opposed to this idea, as they believe that an arcane meritocracy is the only way to advance society and properly forward the study of magic.

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