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The Wayfarers of Fharlanghn are dedicated to travel for the sake of travel, and respect Fharlanghn as the guardian of a higher calling. The Wayfarers are in a state of constant motion as a guild, and while there is one temple dedicated to their art, those who remain at that temple flux with the cycles of the moon, never remaining there for more than a few weeks once they have become full brothers in the order. The Wayfarers maintain one unnamed temple at the end of the Path. One of the first tests for a young man who desires to become an initiate of the Wayfarers is to traverse the Path. For many, the Path is much longer than what is strictly marked upon a map, and the final Path only is visible to those who are truly ready to join the order. Those who travel along the final Path are often accompanied by an elderly gentleman who says little, but guides them along this final leg of the journey. Most in the order suspect that this elderly man is an aspect of Fharlanghn, though no one has ever discerned for sure.

The temple at the end of the Path has masters in a wide variety of crafts who have chosen to reside, at least temporarily, at the temple. Usually a master will remain for a month or two to gather up a few recruits who wish to learn more about their trade, and take them with him on his next journey. They typically return back to the temple several months later, and wander off with another tradesman or master in a certain art. The Path is accepting of all those who wish to travel and explore, never putting down roots in once place for too long - though it typically attracts clerics, rangers, bards, and druids. There is the occasional monk or fighter, but barbarians and rogues rarely have the patience and single-mindedness to follow the true Path.

The Wayfarers act in the world frequently, though rarely take sides in any conflict. Their primary goal is to free young men from the mundane that is their everyday peasant lives, and show them something greater than themselves. The Wayfarers are constantly striving for transcendence, that final walk that will take them from this world to the endless roads of Fharlaghn. They will take action when they see tranquility threatened, and will take action with fervor when groups of Wayfarers are being accosted.

The leader of the Wayfarers does not reside at the temple, though he does stay for the 7th month of every year. His name is Felix the Felicitous, a cleric of Fharlanghn, and while not elected or named the leader, those in the order tend to follow his advice and directives. Those wishing special favors from the order would do well to locate him during his travels. It is said that Fharlanghn himself often accompanies Felix on his travels, but this claim is unsubstantiated, and Felix refuses to say one way or another.

This player-submitted organization was created by Michael Good.

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