Whispers of Tirathis Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation

  • 1st Level
  • 20-point buy
  • Average starting gold
  • Two traits
    • Each trait must be from a different category; Golarion-specfic traits (regional, religion, adventure path, etc.) are not selectable
    • Additional traits are available in the Player's Guide
  • Non-evil alignments

Most Pathfinder character options are open (if it is something you think I would reject, feel free to consult me before you base your character around it). I'm more concerned with parity between party members than I am with a character being overpowered versus the game world. Please discuss with me if you want to play a non-base race.

Characters should be entered into http://chroniclesofmezra.org/characters/ and maintained there throughout the campaign. Use the Pathfinder template.


If you create a character background that touches on the following points, you will be able to select one additional trait at character creation.

  • Appearance
  • Major events in life
  • Birthplace/date and childhood
  • Family, Friends, and Enemies
  • Secrets (feel free to PM me if you would like to keep the party in the dark)
  • Plothooks that the DM can weave into the game (they must be easy to work with under normal circumstances; feel free to PM them to me)
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