Age of Recovery

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TheShackledCityLogo.pngShadowsOverLoranonLogo.pngTheFallOfNightLogo.pngWhispersOfTirathisLogo.png The Age of Recovery is designated as the period of time following the defeat of Marco the Enslaver and the loosing of his grip on the world. While the early years of the Age of Recovery consisted of much turmoil as Marco's armies still plagued the lands, the joy of the world increased a thousand-fold as millions of slaves became free. Even as the world recovered from the Tyranny of Marco, the peoples of Mezra squabbled amongst themselves as many nations were born and died. Nearly four centuries passed before the world as it is known today began to stabilize.

The Age of Recovery continues. Much was lost during Marco's 1000-year rule and every year that passes finds some scrap of the civilization that existed before his time.

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