Marco the Enslaver

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Marco the Enslaver
Race Human
Class Sorcerer
Affiliations Tyranny of Marco

Marco the Enslaver, with his Spellweaver and Carg armies ruled most of the inhabited parts of Mezra for over a millennium, before being defeated by the Diran hero Mygrandin Antaloose and companions.


Through his unnaturally long life, Marco always appeared as a gaunt man, with short, sleek black hair. He normally wore plainly designed black clothing of fine cloth, with the Godskey staff always in hand.


History does not have an accurate record of when Marco came to power, but sometime between -2000 and -1000, Marco's Carg armies marched across the world entire, conquering and enslaving anyone they met. What is known, is that the Tyranny of Marco was long and very hard on the population. By the time of Marco's defeat in 0, it is estimated the world's population had been cut in half from pre-tyranny times.

Marco's personality was described as cold and indifferent. He never showed happiness from the power he obtained, and his lust for more was never sated. It is rumored that there was some goal that Marco was after, that would have brought him the satisfaction he sought, but this goal was never achieved.

Before his defeat at the end of the Marco Wars, his efforts shifted to attempting to woo his captive Lanae Tence, Mygrandin's lover. Though his attempts failed, it was his closeness to Lanae that allowed her to discover a weakness that was pivotal in the final battle between Mygrandin and Marco.

Other Notes

Even though Marco was responsible for the Dei Exsilium, the Church of Hextor reveres him as an unholy figure. Various sects are dedicated to bringing the world back under a Marco-like tyranny.

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PC:Marco the Enslaver

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