Mygrandin Antaloose

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Mygrandin Antaloose
Race Human
Class Spellsword
Affiliations Dira, Companions of Mygrandin

Mygrandin Antaloose, the Restorer of Dira, is regarded as the greatest hero in written history. Through his actions, Marco the Enslaver's grip over the world was loosed and the Age of Recovery began.


Mygrandin's impact on the world began in -8 when he and his companions successfully recovered the Seven Pendants of Dira and restored life to the Island of Dira, where life had been previously extinguished by Marco the Enslaver in an attempt to avoid the consequences of the Diran Prophecy.

Mygrandin spent the next five years traveling Rhino Island and Euramer, during which time he fell in love with Lanae Tence. Their relationship blossomed until Marco's agents caught up with him. Lanae was taken back to Marco's fortress while Mygrandin evaded capture. Mygrandin continued his travels, during which he pursued secrets that could aid the world against Marco's tyranny. It was in -3 that he discovered the power that fueled Marco's Carg armies and was able to counteract it. Thus began the three-year long Marco Wars, culminating in the downfall of Marco the Enslaver's 1000-year world rule and the beginning of the Age of Recovery.

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