Araysa Tanglehair

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Araysa Tanglehair
Race Human
Class Adept
Affiliations Dormantown

Araysa Tanglehair brews and sells potions as the proprietor of Aray's Potions. While there is much less call for them, she is also capable of crafting wands.



Current Activities

PC Info

In addition to her wide variety of potions, Araysa seems to also be a crafter of wands and other magical items. Though she does not advertise the wands, she has mentioned that she is willing to use them as barter material.

She also has a fondness for skulls, and is more than happy to purchase various exotic skulls. Her heart is set upon aquiring a dragon's skull, should someone come in possession of one.

Skulls Traded to Date

Skull TypeTrade ValueNumber Traded
Dire Wolf Skull50 gp2 sold
Owlbear Skull25 gp3 sold

DM Info

DM:Araysa Tanglehair

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