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Size Small Town
Power Center Conventional (Mayor and Council)
Alignment Neutral Good
GP Limit 800
Assets 60000
Population 1500
Racial Mix Mixed (79% human, 9% halfling, 5% elf, 3% dwarf, 2% gnome, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc)
Leader Mayor Nicoli Aserteak
Country Free Lands





Dormantown was founded in 1182 by Fres Dorman. Dorman's expedition came to a halt in this area as the land for miles around was deemed extremely fertile.

Early Years

Dormantown grew quickly in its beginning years as the central trading point for the many farmers in the area. In 1199, the entire area came under heavy raiding by the Bloodskin Clan. Many of the farms were razed and Dormantown itself came under attack numerous times, prompting the building of the town's wall. This is when the elves of the Elvareen Woods became friends of the human farmers, as both groups were able to ally and drive back the orcs.

Recent Events

February 1331

  • Dormantown completes nearly a decade of prosperity in which time the town has been able to grow with plentiful harvests and no evil humanoid attacks.
  • Citizens mass-harvest trees from Coranth Woods.

March 1331

  • Strange events happen in Dormantown, including inanimate objects suddenly flying across the room, children going missing for days before mysteriously reappearing, and a huge increase in minor accidental injuries.

April 1331

  • Demonic manifestations kill three dozen people.
  • An adventuring company discovers the involvement of the Church of Erythnul in the mysterious happenings in the form of an anti-paladin named Larissa, who uses a religious relic called the Forshantir to cause strife in the town. She is killed and the Forshantir is turned over to Rosa De'Elemon.

June 1331

  • A foul wind destroys much of the growing crops.
  • The gate barring the first level of Neverfall from the surface world is opened.

July 1331

  • Julia Windhair is slain by an adventuring party. She is discovered to be behind the attacks on the farmers' crops.
  • Increased sightings of dwarven undead observed.
  • Agents of Gruumsh intercept goods headed towards Dormantown, including several shipments of masterwork arms and armor.

August 1331

  • During the evening of August 15th, a deep fog settles on Dormantown and the town is overrun by wave after wave of undead. Survivors flee to Shorn and Roriport. Rosa De'Elemon remains at the The Shining Light.
  • Attempts of retaking the town are foiled by Ottwarslyn, green dragon, who states that "Dormantown should not be raised out of its current misery. It is a just punishment for those that would harvest Coranth Woods."

September 1331

October 1331

November 1331

  • Nicoli Aserteak elected mayor.
  • A raid by the Spikeshroud orc clans gets away with 23 captives.

December 1331

  • The council hires various groups of adventurers to try to rescue the captured townsfolk. None succeed, but many report the rebuilding and repopulation of Scaun.
  • Neighbor-town Shorn obliterated by orcs. Some survivors settle in Dormantown.
  • A half dozen half-orcs are exiled from town for suspected connections with the Spikeshroud clans, including Krush Half-man, blacksmith and 20-year resident.

January 1332

  • Dormantown suffers the worst winter in many years.
  • Firewood stockpiles vanish.
  • Lumberjacks in Coranth Woods come under repeated attacks by woodland creatures.
  • The Battle of Dormantown occurs.

February 1332

March 1332

  • Stockpiles of food begin to run out; the townpeople begin starving.


Dormantown is lead by a mayor and a small council elected by citizens of Dormantown and the surrounding farmlands. Mayors and council members serve terms of four years. The noble houses with presence in Dormantown (House Dorman, House Taskerhill, and House Pertrades) have no governmental authority and no special privileges, though individual members of the houses often serve in local government capacities.

Notable NPCs


There are no unusual laws in Dormantown and as a town in the Free Lands, a good number of people are against heavy-handed interference in their lives. Nonetheless, Dormantown has a sufficient law-enforcing group. The Mayor and Council preside over criminal cases and have the right to dispense justice, including sentencing the convicted to death for crimes related to murder, treason, and intelligent humanoid trafficking. Most crimes are settled with reasonable fines and violent crimes often have associated jail time.

Notable NPCs

Traditions and Festivals

  • Spring Day - on March 20th, Dormantown celebrates the coming of spring; many youths of marriageable age become betrothed on this day
  • Harvest Fair - Dormantown and the surrounding areas celebrate successful harvests during the two days and night surrounding the full moon of September.
  • Dead's Day - during the longest night of the year (December 21st), Dormantown remembers the dead.


The following factions have had recent activities in Dormantown:


The economic base of Dormantown exists mostly to support the surrounding farmers and to provide for travelers on their way through to other lands. Crop surplus is shipped out through Roriport. Numerous shops exist dealing in variety of goods. Items up to 800GP in value can normally be found in town.

Notable Shops and Proprietors


Most citizens of Dormantown and the surrounding farmlands are worshippers of Pelor and attend services at The Shining Light, the only temple in town.

There is a shrine to Fharlanghn present in the commons that sees traffic from travelers.

Notable NPCs

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