Iladan Crestwillow

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Iladan Crestwillow
Race Half-elf
Class Ranger
Affiliations Dormantown

Iladan Crestwillow is a ranger and expert mountaineer. He currently serves on the town council for Dormantown.


Iladan is tall for a half-elf and has short, black hair. His eyes are an intense green and he wears the clothes of a mountaineer.


Iladan was born to the elf Saramine Elvenstar of the Elvareen and the human trader Paen Borenthall. Iladan spent time amongst both human and elven lands but never felt like he belonged. He found himself driven to the isolation of the wilderness, where he chose the name "Crestwillow" over those of his parents. He trained under the great ranger, Morthan Mistopenth.

Recent Activities

Iladan's occupation before the Scouring of Dormantown was as a guide for those who wished to travel the Spikeshroud Mountains. He participated in the various adventuring parties that worked to solve the problems that plagued Dormantown during 1331. After several near-deaths battling the orcs of Scaun, Iladan settled down from the adventuring life. His deeds did not go unnoticed by the citizenry of Dormantown and was elected to council in November, 1331.

PC Info

PC:Iladan Crestwillow

DM Info

DM:Iladan Crestwillow

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