Rosa De'Elemon

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Rosa De'Elemon
Race Human
Class Radiant Servant of Pelor
Affiliations Church of Pelor, Dormantown

Rosa De'Elemon is the priest in charge of The Shining Light, the temple to Pelor in Dormantown.


Rosa is a middle-aged woman whose waist-length black hair contrasts with her ever-brightful smile. In addition to the sun-faced holy symbol always strapped around her neck, she often has the sunburst symbol painted on her cheek. She normally wears the robes of her faith, but looks right at home in her sunburst-emblazoned full plate.


Rosa has been involved in the faith of the Sun Father since she was a small child. At 5 years old, she was orphaned during the Kansama Civil War, but was entrusted to the care of the Pelorites. She flourished in the studies that her tutors offered, especially enjoying the tales of far-away places. As she came of age, she eagerly enrolled at the Sun-blessed Seminary in Shalidon. After she graduated, she spent a few years as a mission cleric in the Torlani countryside before settling into her current position in Dormantown.

Current Activities

Rosa is very involved in the recovery of Dormantown, both in the physical reconstruction of its buildings as well as the emotional stabilization of its citizenry. She occasionally receives shipments of masterwork weapons and armor from her church for enchanting.

PC Info

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DM Info

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