Nicoli Aserteak

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Nicoli Aserteak
Race Human
Class Aristocrat
Affiliations Dormantown, Glory and Beer Trading Company

Nicoli Aserteak is the mayor of Dormantown.


Nicoli is a charismatic man, despite the gruesome scar that marrs the left half of his face. His hair is brown and he often wears finer clothing.


Nicoli began his life on the streets of Roriport before becoming employed by the Glory and Beer Trading Company. His sharp wit and cleverness allowed him to rise through the organization quickly and is now in charge for the company's Dormantown Area activities.

Recent Activities

Nicoli's wife and two children were killed by orcs in the summer of 1331. Despair devoured his time for months, though he recovered enough to start petitioning the powers of the area to increase their military might to meet the oncoming orcish threat. It wasn't until the orcs increased their activities east of the mountains that folks started listening to him. He was able to successfully play on the passions and the fears of the Dormantown citizenry to be elected mayor in November, 1331.

PC Info

PC:Nicoli Aserteak

DM Info

DM:Nicoli Aserteak

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