Barnaby Stoute

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PC Info

Barnaby Stoute
Race Human
Class Barbarian/Cleric
Affiliations The Order of Smashdor, Church of St Cuthbert


Brother Stoute is a tall man standing at six and a half feet tall. His face is chiseled into a constant scowl. He has faded brown hair with streaks of white, and a prominent bald spot. He typically wears a chain shirt and is never seen without his cudgel. When attacking, he typically carries a wide assortment of weaponry.


Born in the lands of Kansama, Barnaby Stoute was raised as a farmboy. He grew up under the tyranny of the Warlord Hekatak. When he was sixteen, his father was imprisoned for failing to pay the necessary taxes. Thugs in the employ of the Warlord came to the farm and took everything of value from him and his mother. He was forced to watch as the thugs raped and killed his mother. He was left alone in the house after the thugs left.

After swearing to avenge his parents he set off. He trained with the a underground sect of St. Cuthbert who sought to return order to the region and oust Hekatak. He returned two years later now a fierce warrior, and targeted every thug he could remember, destroying everything in their lives before finally killing them. After having dispatched the Warlord brute squad, he moved on to destroying everything the Warlord cared about. Finally after three years of fighting, Barnaby killed the Warlord.


During the years of battle Barnaby became enamoured with the destruction he could cause, and soon discovered many like minded Cuthbertites and Kordites in the Order of Smashdor. His fierce nature and strength enabled him to shoot through the ranks of the Order, and now is the leader of the organization.

DM Info

DM:Barnaby Stoute

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