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The Order of Smashdor is a group of Religious Zealots who tend to rely on Physical Strength to solve problems. The order is primarily composed of two main camps: The Cuthbertites and the Kordites. While these two groups may at first appear to be opposed, the organization has fostered many kinship between these two religions, focusing on the belief that Strength and Power are tantamount to success.

While the two camps have differences, they are united in the "Philosophy of Smashdor", a nickname granted to the founder Alric Stark, who believed that self-realization could be found through the art of destroying larger and larger things.


  • Recruit new members who have similar ideals. Train those members in the ways of Smashdor.
  • Accept missions to prove the strength of the followed Philosophy.
  • Obtain recognition for the organization and Fame for the active members.

Notable Members

Hanaur: A hero of Kord, who acts as a historic precursor to the Smashdorites.

Alric Stark: The Founder of the Order. A Cuthbertite who believed in destruction as a method of self-realization.

Brother Barnaby Stoute: Current leader of the Order, a over-zealous Cuthbertite who believes in dispensing retribution whenever he believes Saint Cuthbert wills it.

This player-submitted organization was created by Brian Scott.

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