Celiso Fogantos

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Celiso Fogantos
Race Human
Class Sorcerer
Affiliations Dormantown, Dragonbloods

Celiso is a student of the arcane, though he also has powers as a sorcerer.


Celiso is a young human of average height. His eyes have a fiery glaze to them and he has writhing tattoos that scrawl down his arms. He keeps his head shaved.


Celiso first manifested powers when he was eight years old. By the time he was 12, his parents had been run out of the village they lived in. The family traveled throughout the Free Lands, all the while trying to stick together. In 1326, his mother and father were killed by bandits. Celiso, with blood magic flowing through him, hunted down each of the bandits of that band, only sixteen years of age.

He continued to wander, but eventually settled down in Dormantown in 1330. There, he studies the arcane and provides what services he can.

Current Activities

Celiso has been increasingly taken away from his books, as the town of Dormantown has needed his services more often. He has been busy providing his magical capabilities to the patrols.

PC Info

PC:Celiso Fogantos

DM Info

DM:Celiso Fogantos

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