Ciclya Derandin

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Ciclya Derandin
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliations Dormantown, Dormantown Militia

Ciclya is the daughter of Dern Derandin, a hero of the Kansama Civil War.


Ciclya came to live in Dormantown after her father, Dern Derandin moved to the area after the end of the Kansama Civil War. She spent most of her childhood with a rapier in her hand and she now uses it to great effect as a member of the Dormantown Militia.


Ciclya is an attractive woman, with a gruff personality. Dedication can be seen in her facial expression.

Recent Activities

Ciclya has been recently recognized for her part in the the Battle of Dormantown. When numerous orcs had breached the wall of Dormantown, she kept four orcs at bay protecting a house full of women and children. Her most recent activities are those involved with the Dormantown Militia and she has participated in many rangings to see what the Spikeshroud Orc Clans are up to.

PC Info

PC:Ciclya Derandin

DM Info

DM:Ciclya Derandin

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