Eli Laoajar

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Eli Laoajar
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliations Dormantown, Dormantown Militia

Eli is a notable member of the Dormantown Milita.


Eli has spent his whole life in the Dormantown Area. His father was a farmer, and he tended to the farm for the beginning of his adult life. Then the Spikeshroud Orc Clans came through and wiped out the farm. He joined the Dormantown Milita in 1332.


Eli is a young man of average height, with shoulder-length brown hair. He has visible burn marks on his face and upper left arm that he gained during the burning of his farm.

Recent Activities

Eager to get revenge on the orcs, Eli has been very involved in the defense of Dormantown. He volunteers for any special mission or scouting that comes up.

PC Info

PC:Eli Laoajar

DM Info

DM:Eli Laoajar

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