Eric von Feld

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PC Info

Eric von Feld
Race Human
Class Expert
Affiliations Von Feld Family, Fagan von Feld

Eric von Feld is the 4th son of Carl von Feld and younger brother of Fagan von Feld.


Eric is a 19 year old man with short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He often is seen with a mischevious grin on his face, which causes a great deal of distrust amongst those around him. He only stands five and a half feet tall, making him the smallest of the Von Feld sons. He is often seen wearing a green tunic over a white shirt. It is rare to see him without his hunting bow.


Eric has been ever since he can remember, the constant companion of his older brother Fagan von Feld. The two boys enjoyed their various adventures into the small copse of trees just outside the Von Family farmstead. During his adolescence he became an accomplished hunter, often hunting and trapping various small game in the woods. His proudest accomplishment came when he was 17, and he and Fagan travelled to Coranth Woods. He managed to successfully kill a adult buck, and with Fagan's help was able to supply the family with a large quantity of venison.


Eric's become increasingly restless since his brother left on his adventure. He's continued seeking out more animals to hunt to provide the family with meat and skins. The cold winter has made hunting more important, as he has used the skins to make thick fur clothes for his family, to endure the harsh winds and snows. Since the snow has picked up though, he finds himself staying inside, hoping that his provisions will keep them through the winter.

DM Info

DM:Eric von Feld

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