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Player Character
Fagan von Feld
Player Brian Scott
Affiliations PC Party, Order of Smashdor, Dormantown Area



Fagan was born to Carl and Flanna von Feld twenty years ago. He is the third of six brother and had five sisters in his family. His brothers were, in order of birth, Carl, Ritter, Eric, Murphy, and Stephen. His sisters were Yvaine, Bridget, Kaelyn, and Margaret. His family lives on a farm situated between Roriport and Coranth Woods. The farm was fairly successful, feeding the family and supplying them with enough surplus crops to turn a small profit. He was a smallish boy, with fair skin that constantly burned under the sun, and bright red hair that he got from his mother. He did not attend any formal schooling as a child, though his mother would use the savings to buy books so the children could learn to read and write. The majority of his childhood was spent learning how to become a farmer one day.

Fagan had no friends outside his family as he grew up. The nearest neighbor was an hours walk from them, which left them somewhat isolated. He was very close with his brothers and sisters, though none quite like Eric. He and Eric were only a year apart in age, and whenever they had time off they would make sure to spend it together. Their favorite activity was exploring the surrounding areas just outside of the farm. It nurtured an adventurous streak the two brothers shared.

When he reached adolescence he grew rapidly, becoming the largest and strongest of his brothers by the time he was 15. This led his father to use his strength for some of the more demanding tasks. He reveled in managing to be recognized for something amongst his seven brothers, and was more than happy to show his talent. He was not a very good student like Ritter, the second brother, or good with the livestock like Murphy, the fifth brother, or handsome like Carl, the first brother, so being the strongest of them was a matter of pride for him, and he always made sure that he kept that advantage.

When he turned 17 a band of three ogres arrived at the farm demanding the profits of the farm and ten bushels of wheat or else. While ogres aren't terribly common in that area of the Dormantown region, what made the encounter especially unusual was the size of the leading ogre. He was almost twice the size as either of his accomplices, and was clearly the leader of the group. The guards that patrolled the area were terrified of the ogres, and offered no resistance to them. Carl begrudgingly gathered their demands, and when he offered it to them, they were talking amongst themselves in their tongue. The largest one wore a wicked grin as he explained that Bridget, the fairest of their daughters, would also be needed to spare their wrath.

While Carl was pleading with the Ogres to reconsider, a large man rode up to the farm. He was wearing a shirt of chainmail and held a large axe over his shoulder. The man engaged the Ogres in battle, quickly killing one of the two smaller ogres, before proceeding to somehow exchange blows with the Huge Ogre. With a final crunch from his axe the Ogre fell over dead. The final Ogre grabbed the nearest person, who happened to be Bridget, and pulled out his knife, threatening to kill her if the man came closer. Fagan watched this happen not far from where the ogre stood. He held a scythe in his hand from harvesting, and in a fit of rage he attacked the ogre from behind. The edge pierced through the ogres chest, killing him.

The warrior took note of Fagan's deed, and told him that he was a member of the Order of Smashdor. He told of the tales of strength and daring and destruction. He told the boy that he felt he had what it would take to become a member, and leave behind his farming lifestyle.

At first Fagan wouldn't hear any of it, but after a few months, the warriors words continued to resonate with him, and ge gained a severe wanderlust. So he took what money he owned from the farm and purchased some cheap armor and a brand new scythe, and set out on his very own adventure.

Dormantown being the largest city near his home, is where he set out to chisel out his own tale of glory.

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