Grilia Landolin

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Grilia Landolin
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliations Dormantown, Dormantown Militia

Grilia is a member of the Dormantown Militia.


Grilia grew up in the Dormantown Area where here father was a trader that ran the route from Roriport to Jaliveth. She followed her father in this trade until he was killed during the Scouring of Dormantown when undead from Neverfall the dwarven hall attacked Dormantown.


Grilia is a brown-haired woman of average height. She is always seen in her well-maintained breastplate while wielding a well-crafted heavy pick.

Recent Activities

After her husband died during the Battle of Dormantown, Grilia took up his weapon and had the smiths modify his armor to fit her. She is now a full-fledged member of the Dormantown Militia and participates in the defense of the town.

PC Info

Grilia acted valiantly during the events surrounding the Winter of no End. She joined the party which headed straight to the heart of the ice fortress which appeared and was pivotal in stopping the evil druids of the Thorlonian Circle. Also Alan accidentally summoned a swam of spiders on her and she forgave him.

DM Info

DM:Grilia Landolin

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