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Type Military
Scale Regional (Kame-Rettou Islands)
Alignment Lawful Good
Leader Master Usagi

The Kame-Kai monastery is found on the largest of the Kame-Rettou Islands. The inhabitants of these islands are a peaceful agricultural community. The Kame-Kai monastery is home to a very unique style of martial-art, originally developed by the farmers to fend of pirates who would raid the islands from the west.

Eventually, the study of martial arts would become even more important for the inhabitants of the Kame-Rettou Islands. Nearly 50 years ago the newly named leader of the Kyokushoku Clan began imposing taxes on the people of Kame-Rettou, in addition to revoking their rights to bear arms. The farmers would then modify their fighting style and their weapons, weapons which to this day resemble the farm tools they were developed from. The self righteous samurai from the Kyokushoku Clan who would come to collect the taxes, Lord Tatsu, would more pillage the city than tax it. His warriors would burn huts and crops, kidnap and rape young women, and torture the village elders.

Several peaceful attempts were made to expose Tatsu to Oroku Saki, who was the self-proclaimed leader of the Kyokushoku. These attempts fell on deaf ears, and the brutal treatment of the Kame-Rettou continued, as did the interruption of any trade with the main land when the villagers attempted to stand up for themselves.

Hamato Yoshi, a Monk of the Enabled Hand, has origins within the Kame-Kai. He developed much of the martial arts style, and weaponry used to combat the pirates and orc tribes who would invade Kame-Rettou from time to time. He embarked on a personal quest of enlightenment before the iron fist of the Kyokushoku Clan would impose itself upon the Kame-Kai. The villagers await Yoshi's return, so that he might free them from Oroku Saki's heartless rule.

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