Kyokushoku Clan

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Kyokushoku Clan
Type Military
Scale Regional (Northeastern Loranon)
Alignment Neutral Evil
Leader Oroku Saki

The Kyokushoku clan is a self-empowered entity imposing trade, crop, and livestock taxation on the agricultural communities which surround it. The military force of the Kyokushoku clan, and lack of any other organized government within the Free Lands, enables them to bully the farming communities into compliance. Oroku Saki, ninja warlord and proclaimed leader of the Kyokushoku clan, cares for nothing but his own wealth and power.

The Kyokushoku clan operates from within a fortress only a few hours horseback from the coast. Here, under the tutelage of Oroku Saki and his samurai warlords, members of the Kyokushoku clan are taught the ninja arts of deception, assassination, and invisibility. The clan has more in common with pirates than any sort of samurai nobility; they ransack and pillage the communities around them by night, while the lords demand taxes by day. This duality of the Kyokushoku clan is not known by most, as those who discover it are usually quickly silenced. The only community that still to this day offers any kind of resistance is the community of the Kame-Rettou Islands. This island community is harder to raid for the clan, and thusly the Kame-Kai has plenty of times between raids to raise community spirits, the amount of resistance the Kame-Kai can offer, having been rehearsed against pirates and orcs for hundreds of years, also gives this farmer community an edge over their not so noble oppressors.

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