Mekda Flamebullion

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Mekda Flamebullion
Race Deep Dwarf
Class Wizard
Affiliations Cauldron Mountains, Flamebullion Clan

Mekda Flamebullion is dwarven spellcaster of immense power and a master crafter of enchanted armor. His roots hail from a deep dwarven clan far below the Spikeshroud Mountains, where the practice of wizardry is punishable by death. He fled his home when his interests were discovered and has evaded (that is, killed) several Flamebullion Clan honor-retrievers over his lifetime.

Mekda vanished from the Cauldron Mountains in 1328. He had a single apprentice named Nerda Beambattler at that time.

PC Info

PC:Mekda Flamebullion

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