Nerda Beambattler

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Nerda Beambattler
Race Dwarf
Class Wizard
Affiliations Cauldron

Nerda Beambattler (born Ragaro Wyrmsmasher) was a dwarven wizard cast out from his clan for his study of wizardry. He came to study magic and the crafting of armor under Mekda Flamebullion. After Mekda's disappearance in 1328, Nerda tended the smithy for three years before setting out on adventure.

During Nerda's adventures, he became obsessed with unlocking the power of theurgy. He came upon James Wyatt, a vampire accursed with undeath by the Church of Wee Jas for his research into theurgy. James promised to teach Nerda if he would perform tasks that would help him gain his revenge upon the Wee Jas-ites. Trying to fulfill one of the vampire's tasks, Nerda killed a Wee Jas priest via a letter with Explosive Runes cast upon it. Unfortunately, he had employed a stable boy to deliver the message who also died the blast. The clerics were able to cast speak with dead on the dead stable boy to determine Nerda's identity.

Nerda's imprisonment was charged to Embril Aloustinai at the Cathedral of Wee Jas. While there, Embril had him continually under the effects of wisdom-based Touch of Idiocy and Dominate Person.

He was killed by an adventuring party in 1331 during an invasion of the Cathedral of Wee Jas.

PC Info

PC:Nerda Beambattler

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