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Marcus Fink
Race Human
Class Mobster
Affiliations Dairy Farmers and Merchants Guild

Marcus Fink, the charismatic leader of the Dairy Farmers and Merchants Guild, has oddly enough never spent a day working on a farm nor in a shop. He has lived in Sasserine his entire life.

[edit] Origins

While the circumstances of Fink's birth are unknown, it is known that in the year 1291 he rose to be the head of a gang named The Truebloods in the streets of Sasserine. This position, while not prestigious in and of itself, allowed him to make connections in all the right places around the city. It is rumored that during this time he managed to gain the backing of a significantly powerful noble in the area, though this has never been proven.

Within a year, he had left the Truebloods in any official capacity and had joined with two prominent merchants in the city, James Finnigan and Eric Moss, to create the Dairy Farmers and Merchants Guild.

[edit] Rise to Notoriety

When the Guild was formed in 1292, Marcus Fink's name was certainly not familiar to the ears or tongues of most even within the city of Sasserine. This quickly changed following the Milk Strike of 1292. After convincing the local farmers and merchants who sold dairy products to join his cause, Marcus called for a cease in production and sale of dairy products. A dramatic show of force, he explained, was necessary for the people to see the true importance of milk and dairy products. During the strike, Marcus lobbied to have tariffs put in place to limit or prohibit the importation of dairy products. During this time, the only way a person could acquire dairy products in Sasserine was to stop by Eric Moss' shop. There, one could purchase products at a significant markup.

When the Milk Strike finally ended, local dairy farmers and merchants reintroduced their products into the marketplace at markedly inflated prices. The cost of a gallon of milk was triple what it had been prior to the strike. Faced with a drab, dairy-less future, the populace had no choice but to comply with these outrageous prices.

[edit] Political Expansion

Following his success in Sasserine, Marcus turned his eyes outward. Over the next decade, he led the Guild to spread across the continent. There is now a Guild house in every major city, and the Guild can boast that 98% of all dairy production and sale on the continent is done following Guild guidelines, with holdouts being converted daily. He has since set about moving the Guild into other fields, such as grains and bread production, with limited success. As time passes and the Guild continues to follow the beat of Fink's drum, more victories will surely follow.

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