Perc Graysky

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Perc Graysky
Race Human
Class Orcbreaker
Affiliations Dormantown, Dormantown Militia

Perc Graysky is the captain of the Dormantown Militia.


Perc is a man of middle years with the beginnings of grey appearing in his short black hair. He is commonly seen wearing his well-polished breastplate with his longsword, Gasperian at his side.


Perc grew up in Dormantown, where his father worked in the city hall. He constantly grew bored of his fathers stuffy books of figures and spent much of his time watching the full-time guards train. His fascination with their swordplay became a life-long pursuit and Perc went away for some time to train in the Cauldron Mountains.

Upon his return he swiftly moved up the ranks of the militia, becoming captain in 1329.

Recent Activities

Perc has led the Dormantown Militia for the last three years. The first two years were relatively easy, but the last year has been a real strain on Perc and his men.

Most recently, Perc suffered a great loss during the Battle of Dormantown. Though Dormantown won the day due to a group of extremely powerful adventurers, nearly 80% of militia volunteers were lost, as well as both his wife and son.

PC Info

PC:Perc Graysky

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