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The following documents the general reputation of the party and its individual members with various groups across the land.

Party Reputation

Dormantown Area

Dormantown High Esteem
 Saved town from Spikeshroud Orc ClansPositive
 Ended the Winter of No EndPositive
 Fist-fighting with each other in the streetsNegative
 Donated 28 MWK Falchions and lots of foodPositive
 Donated 10 MWK Falchions, 10 MWK Hide ArmorsPositive
Roriport Good
 Ended the Winter of No EndPositive
Shroudbase High Esteem
 Rescued five childrenPositive
 Gathered materials needed to cure Blackscour TaintPositive
 Ended the Winter of No EndPositive
Shroudbase Mining Consortium Bad
 Achieved High Esteem with ShroudbaseNegative
Stormkeep Neutral
 Ended the Winter of No EndPositive
Thorlonian Circle Hated
 Ended the Winter of No EndNegative

Alan Bree

United Dairy Front Very Bad
 Past wrongsNegative
Pyrrhic Victory Good
 Active MembershipPositive


Daeron Elensar

Fagan von Feld

Order of Smashdor Good
 Initiated MembershipPositive

Mazer Kitrye

House Maeve Very Bad
 Past wrongsNegative
House Maerdyn Very Bad
 Past wrongsNegative

Malic Citrate

Flamebullion Clan Very Bad
 Past wrongsNegative

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