Session Recap - 26 August 2011

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Session Recap
26 August 2011
Start Date 9 April 1002
End Date 15 April 1002
Adventure Locations Wilderness, Druidic Ruin
Previous Session 19 August 2011
Next Session 2 September 2011
Image:Session Recap - 26 August 2011.png

Participating Characters

Heimdalsgate, Illia Viran, Jalfrezi, Pan Oros, Therthyra Brutebeard

Into the Wilderness

The party decided to scrap its plans for a trip to Shoreside and set off for the Druidic Ruins, whose location they had purchased from Fripplesnacks Fizzlesticks. Dunruk Sunaxe took leave from his duties at the Temple of Sun's Dawn to accompany the party.

Along the way, rain and fog stymied their progress, and during one particularly bad night, Illia heard the sobbing of a child while on watch. She woke Dunruk Sunaxe and the two of them left camp to investigate. They couldn't seem to get closer to the sobbing and child and after a time, they realized that they had lost track of the direction back to camp and that they had been lured away. They rushed as quickly as they could to find the camp, but when they arrived, the camp had been ransacked while the rest of the party slept peacefully. Numerous foodstuffs and gear had been taken, but Jalfrezi had lost a few of his precious gemstones.

The party immediately broke camp, as Illia was able to find and follow the human tracks of the thief. By dawn, they had discovered the destination of the thief, an old, ruined dwarven guard post. Upon opening the entrance, they were beset by leucrottas (who had mimicked the voice of the child) and their master, a wizard.

The party battles against Lertol, a wizardly bandit.

Upon defeating the thief and his pets, the party recovered their gear and baubles along with some of the thief's prior victims' treasures. Amongst the ill-gotten items, the party discovered numerous opened pieces of correspondence. One of them was a letter that mentioned Laduguer's Bane, the adventuring party that Jalfrezi's father, Gun, is currently traveling with. It was addressed to a Rufin Ferezi in Oclaut and dated as being written in mid-January.


There is additional danger in the Underdark and Laduguer's Bane's mission is delayed. Please send the usual resources.

Jalfrezi, concerned for his father, discussed the letter with the party, and it was decided to travel to Oclaut after visiting the druidic ruins.

The party crosses the wilderness to arrive at some druidic ruins.

The Druidic Ruins

Upon arriving at the druidic ruins, the party observed a panther reseting atop a megalith. It watched the party, but didn't react as they milled about he ruins. In the center of the circle of megaliths, a small pit led down into a stone cavern. As the party tried to enter the pit, the panther leapt from atop the great stone and shapeshifted in mid-air to change into its natural form: a celestial treant. He introduced himself as Mossoak, the leader of The Circle, a good-aligned druidic circle tending to northwestern Loranon.

When questioned, Mossoak revealed that he is not able to enter the caverns below because of some evil-feyish presence. He noted that they were used long ago by evil druids to sacrifice people of civilization. He sent a brownie named Fripizle into the cavern to find out what was going on. It has been over a week since the brownie was sent in, and the party convinced Mossoak that maybe something has happened to him. Mossoak agreed that this could be a possibility and allowed the party to go below to find out. The celestial oak treant cryptically told the party to only eat one leaf of kale each.

The party explored the caverns and discovered that they were infested with twigjacks, evil fey dedicated to stopping the encroachment of civilization on the wild.

The party works to eliminate the twigjacks.

The party discovered the altar where the civilized-humanoid sacrifices were done, but it was guarded by a large twigjack. Within the twigjack's brambles, the brownie Fripizle was imprisoned. Upon defeating the twigjack, the brownie was freed and swayed as if about to faint. Upon seeing Pan, the brownie grew excited and happily skipped towards him. Just as the brownie got close, Minos jumped from Pan's sleeve landing on the brownie's chest, forcing the brownie to fall on his back. As the brownie fell, Minos stabbed him repeatedly with his stinger. After killing the brownie, Minos calmly walked back up Pan's clothing and nestled back into his sleeve.

The party ate of the kale and were blessed with a druidic infusion of power, gaining various abilities.

Upon reaching the surface, Pan attempted to deceive Mossoak about what happened to Fripizle, but Mossoak pushed for more details. Pan revealed that Minos attacked the brownie. As Minos revealed himself from underneath Pan's sleeve, Mossoak grew angry in recognition of the scorpion. With great speed, he lunged for the party, but just as he was about to commence his attack, a great wall of fire erupted between him and the party. The heat of the flame shriveled Mossoak's leaves and charred some of his branches.

"This isn't over, Minos!" Mossoak screamed, as he wildshaped into a panther and fled.

A wall of fire erupts between Mossoak and the party.
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