Session Recap - 19 August 2011

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Session Recap
19 August 2011
Start Date 7 April 1002
End Date 9 April 1002
Adventure Locations Redbridge, Redbridge Area Farms
Previous Session 12 August 2011
Next Session 26 August 2011
Image:Session Recap - 19 August 2011.png

Participating Characters

Heimdalsgate, Illia Viran, Jalfrezi, Pan Oros, Rickard Hill, Therthyra Brutebeard

Blessing of the Sunkissed Fields

After the failed kobold ambush, the party took refuge at a farmer's house a couple hours away. They confirmed with the farmer that he hadn't seen any kobolds in the area, but he made mention that his neighbors said that had seen some with their own eyes.

Clearing out the Kobolds

Leaving the hospitable farmer behind, the party set out again escorting Sebastian Leolite and other clergy members while they blessed various fields. In the late afternoon, they came upon a burned down farm house and barn. Upon searching the still smoldering ruine, Illia was able to find the tracks of a large kobold party who were dragging heavy objects with them. No human bodies were found in the remains.

The party decided to hunt down the kobolds and see if they could find any living family members of the raided farm. Sebastian Leolite chose not to go along, as he did not think that it would be safe for Sansa Berrit, a young acolyte who was with the group. The head priest did implore the party to hunt the kobolds while he took Sansa Berrit back to Redbridge. Dunruk Sunaxe continued on with the party.

Illia successfully led the party to the kobold warren. The area was heavily modified by the recent earthquake, and the party surmised that it was possible the earthquake brought the kobolds to the surface. The entrance was guarded by several kobolds who successfully led the the party into a trap, a theme which would continue throughout the foray into the kobold warren.

The party has a standoff with sling-bullet chucking kobolds, who await the party's advance into spear traps.

Once again, there's a standoff with the kobold defenders. The kobolds beckon the party across the bridge while attacking them with slings and scorching rays.

The party advances on the kobold defenders as Jalfrezi is stuck in a tanglefoot bag trap.

The party discovers that the farm family is still alive and takes on the remaining kobolds (after Jalfrezi is flung across the room by a catapult trap and rendered unconcsious after slamming into the wall).

Return to Redbridge

After clearing out the kobold threat, the party returned to Redbridge. Dunruk Sunaxe had a conversation with Rickard about his future endeavors. Upon hearing that Rickard was commmitted to advancing along the paladin path, he suggested that Rickard pay a visit to Vaidol Merade in Shoreside.

The party agreed that a visit to Shoreside was appropriate and discussed travel plans.

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