Session Recap - 12 August 2011

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Session Recap
12 August 2011
Start Date 1 April 1002
End Date 7 April 1002
Adventure Locations What the Earthquake Revealed, Redbridge
Previous Session 15 July 2011
Next Session 19 August 2011
Image:Session Recap - 12 August 2011.png

Participating Characters

Heimdalsgate, Illia Viran, Jalfrezi, Pan Oros, Rickard Hill, Therthyra Brutebeard

What the Earthquake Revealed

After recovering from being incapacitated by the spellweaver they had awoken, the party continued to investigate one of the other room's mysteries.

This room is much like the others, covered in dust with stone rubble strewn about. However, this room also contains three statues and what appears to be a mirror stand embedded in the stone wall, with its mirror shattered into pieces on the floor. The two large statues face each other and represent some type of demonic creature. The smaller statue, which is closest the shattered mirror represents a humanoid figure. This figure reaches out his hand, as if to shake in agreement, though the expression on his face is not welcoming.

The party was able to identify the humanoid statue as depicting the tyrant Marco the Enslaver, who had conquered the world near entire and whose reign was disrupted a thousand years ago by Mygrandin Antaloose and companions.

When the party attempted to mend the magical mirror shards, the demonic statues issued forth bolts of arcane energy which shattered the mirror back into shards. After some effort, the party eventually succeeded in stopping the the statues from twarting their efforts long enough for the mirror to suck Jalfrezi into the Plane of Mirrors.

Beyond the Mirror

You find yourself in a medium-sized room, though it appears infinitely large as the walls, ceiling, and floor are covered with mirrors. There is a raised dais along the far wall, and a few silvery-skinned humanoid creatures are stretching as if woken from a long sleep. A tunnel leads away behind you. One of the creatures stands by an altar and is hovering his hands above what looks like a light crossbow made out of mirror-glass. This creature takes notice of you and speaks, "Well, be quick about it; hand over the diramantine so we can be finished with this."

Jalfrezi spoke with the creatures, which the party would later identify as nerra, denizens of the Plane of Mirrors. From the conversation, Jalfrezi learned that the creatures had been in suspended animation since before Marco the Enslaver had conquered the world. They called Marco a soul speaker, not the usual "tyrant" or "enslaver" title he is usually granted. They revealed that they were waiting for the arrival of diramantine, so that they could finish the weapon they were working on. It was to be delivered to the Dawnlight Guard, a group from Tirathis who were fighting the soul speaker. The nerra were allied with spellweavers, and this particular group were working with a spellweaver named Shiootat, who was in the employ of Marco the Enslaver. Before it could be made clear why Shiootat was aiding his master's enemies, the lead nerra smiled evilly, as the conversation was just a stall tactic while waiting for Jalfrezi's mirror double to arrive.

The mirror double and the nerra attacked Jalfrezi, but he was able to fend them off, claim the weapon they were working on, and escape the Plane of Mirrors.

Back on the Prime

While Jalfrezi attended to his ordeal in the Plane of Mirrors, the party was beset by a small nerra invasion into the prime material. Through the mirror, waves of nerra attacked the party.

The party is nearly overwhelmed by the nerra from the Plane of Mirrors.

Once Jalfrezi returned from the Plane of Mirrors, the magic in the mirror faded and the waves ceased. The party overcame the attack and left behind what the earthquake revealed, making certain to seal the entrance to dissuade passerby.

Upon returning to the surface, the party encountered a dozen dead kobolds, who they surmised tried to mess with the spellweaver.

Sunkiss Festival

Upon returning to Redbridge, the party discovered that the Sunkiss Festival was underway. The festivities seemed to brighten the mood of the townsfolk, who were still recovering from the grief and anguish caused by the recent earthquake. The party partook in some of the attractions the festival had to offer.

Fortune Teller

Illia and Pan visited a fortune teller who was in town. Illia's fortune was told first, and the fortune teller revealed that she knew that Illia had sadness in the past. She noted that the sadness was in the present as well and that Illia would be able to face down the cause of her sadness soon. Illia asked if "he was in town" but the fortune teller stated that she spoke of no man, and only of closures of Illia's past.

When Pan's turn came, he held out his hand for blood to be taken. As he did so, Minos walked across his arm, paused a moment to prick Pan's hand with his barb to produce the blood the fortune teller desired. He then hopped over onto the fortune teller, resting upon her shoulder. As the drops of blood hit the collection bowl, smoke rose to fill the room. Illia and Pan began hallucinate and watched on as Minos, the scorpion, had a conversation with the fortune teller (where Minos insinuated that Pan was an idiot and that travelling with him is the greatest chore has ever faced). The fortune teller then spoke of things to Pan that very few people knew of concerning his quest for power and his association with The Three and their firey master. She shared with him that she could point him in the right direction of his quest, if he chose to see The Three again. Pan accepted, and the fortune teller told him that he should go to Garriton and seek out Ranita Isur. She stated that the rest of his fortune was hazy and revealed that she and Minos served the same patron.

Fripplesnacks Fizzlesticks' Challenge

Upon exiting the fortune teller's tent, Illia and Pan saw that the gnomish illusionist and merchant Fripplesnacks Fizzlesticks was holding some sort of challenge.

"Come one, come all! Dare you face the challenges of Fripplesnacks Fizzlesticks!? You must be quick of wit if you are to win the prize!" A familiar gnome is standing atop his wagon shouting for challengers to participate in some sort of contest. He has fenced off an area behind him.

After meeting back up again, the party decided to participate in the challege, and they were presented with three puzzle rooms. While they were very successful with the final two rooms, the first room stumped them, causing them to eventually lose the challenge to a group of irritating teenagers who were able to pass all three rooms.

Despite the party's loss, Frippplesnacks was impressed by the wit of Jalfrezi and asked if it was his intention to study at Boccorit. Fripplesnacks is pleased that Jalfrezi was not going to do since he believed that Boccorit would ruin his wit with mundane memorization. He mentioned that having a mentor is the best way to improve your mastery of magic and suggested that Jalfrezi seek out Afi Heitani in Oclaut if he wanted to advance his power by doing more than just color spraying kobolds.

Additionally, Jalfrezi sold the mirrorshard light crossbow he brought back from the Plane of Mirrors to Fripplesnacks for 4,000GP.

Blacksmith's Puzzles

As Therthyra was walking around town taking care of a bit of shopping, she came across a competition where the participants endeavored to take apart blacksmith's puzzles. She noticed that a dwarf was taking part and whipping the humans at the game. As the dwarf won the round, he shouted, "Done! I finished it! I'm done! Next round!". The blacksmith's apprentice who was officiating the competition attempted to calm the dwarf with some ale and explain that he had to wait for the second and third place finishers before going to the next round. "I am not patient enough to wait! Just give me the next puzzle and time me!" the dwarf shouted. Only after further bribes of ale did he agree to wait.

He noticed Therthyra and loudly complained about the humans and inquired if she could give him a challenge at the puzzles. She stated that she had never done the game before, but the dwarf invited her to participate anyway. He shoved the human off the chair next to him and indicated to her to sit. As the round began, he introduced himself as Poldok Stonechewer and smiled, showing a stone clenched between his teeth. He noted that he was from the Cauldron Mountains and Cobalt Landing specifically. He expressed his frustration at being on the wrong side of the continent while Sasserine attempted to subjugate the dwarves of his home.

Therthyra won the event easily, and upon questioning her how she could be so good at the puzzles without ever having done them before, Poldok mentioned that he had a human friend in Boccorit named Slyth Rayash that she should look up the next time she makes a call upon that city. He instructed her to tell him that Poldok Stonechewer sent her and that it was about the puzzles. He warned her not to trust him however, especially if he asked her to do anything. He said she should definitely do whatever it is he asked of her, as the rewards could be very well worth the effort, but he again emphasized not to trust the guy.

Therthyra and Poldok grow bored of stomping the humans after a time and spend the rest of the day attempting to one up the other with dwarven culture.

Pelor Trivia

As Heimdalsgate walked through town contemplating the meaning of life, he came upon a triva compeition about the faith of Pelor. He successfully defeated all contenders and afterwards was approached by the questiongiver. Upon learning that Heimdalsgate was not a cleric, he noted that there was another oracle of Pelor in the area: Orack Reieeg based out of Streamwind. The questiongiver mentioned that Heimdalsgate should visit him if he ever goes so far north.

Archer's Tournament

Illia participated in an archer's tournament. Despite not doing well, she was approached by someone who recognized her potential. It was suggested that she visit the gray elf Issadar I'Hat in Dalist to further her studies in archery.

Blessing of the Sunkissed Fields

Sebastian Leolite, the head priest of the Temple of Sun's Dawn sought out Rickard Hill and asked if he and his friends would be willing to provide an escort as some of the clergy members travelled to area farms to conduct the Blessing of the Sunkissed Fields. There were reports that kobolds were seen in the area that they would be travelling in. Rickard was able to get the party to agree to the escort and they set off with three clergy members from the temple. One of them was Dunruk Sunaxe, church paladin and exiled dwarf from the Cauldron Mountains. While avoiding the judgemental eyes of Therthyra, he engaged Rickard in conversation. They spoke of his exile and what it is to be a paladin in the service of Pelor.

On the second day of the escort, the party was ambushed by kobolds. The party was able to fend off the attack.

The party is ambushed by kobolds.
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