Session Recap - 15 July 2011

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Session Recap
15 July 2011
Start Date 24 March 1002
End Date 1 April 1002
Adventure Locations What the Earthquake Revealed
Previous Session 8 July 2011
Next Session 12 August 2011
Image:Session Recap - 15 July 2011.png

Participating Characters

Heimdalsgate, Illia Viran, Jalfrezi, Pan Oros, Rickard Hill, Therthyra Brutebeard

What the Earthquake Revealed

The PC Party continued to explore the passages and caverns that were revealed by the recent earthquake.

This cavern is full of rubble and fungus like the previous room, but a larger shape looms within. A much bigger steel-colored creature glares at you as you come in sight.

The assumed-to-exist-and-much-feared motherbug awaits the party's advance.

Larvae burst from the fungi to attack the party.

The party defeated the Kruthik motherbug and its spawn. Upon searching the cavern, they discovered various semi-precious and precious stones, as well as a slightly-glowing mirror shard.

Continuing on, the party encountered another large cavern, this one seemingly devoid of the steel-colored creatures.

This cavern is overflowing with fungus and rubble.

Jalfrezi discarded caution and ran about the room. He was beset by an animated fungus.

Fungus tentacles debilitate Jalfrezi.

After defeating the animated plant, the party continued on through the caverns, eventually coming to a dead end at a cave-in. After some discussions, the party decided to clear the cave-in as best they could. Avoiding a re-cave-in as they worked, they eventually discovered a door that led into a constructed chamber.

The door opens into a dust-filled chamber and a low hum fills your ears for a few moments. The air is stale, as if it has been sealed in for quite some time. This place has definitely not been explored in recent memory. There is a small amount of scattered rock on the floor and cauldrons flank three closed doors. As you step in the room, the smell of unlife fills the stale air. Animated bones rise up from the cauldrons. They are skeletons of slight creatures, but they each have six arms. One of the skeleton's bones are covered in runes.

The party engages the spellweaver skeletons.

The party investigated the underground structure, encountering various rooms full of strange creatures, traps, and statues. Eventually, they came to a room containing a stone altar.

The smell of death and sweat permeates this room. Four boiling cauldrons of what appears to be blood sit in each corner. In the center of the room there is a stone altar. Above the altar, there is a floating six-foot long, egg-shaped object. It is pitch black and a small seam splits it in half lengthwise. Several baubles and arcane-looking items sit at the base of the altar. On the western wall, there is writing in a strange script.

The script on the wall.

The party discovered handles within each of the cauldrons and Rickard proceeded to pull each of the mechanisms and jam them into open positions. As the last one was stuck into place, the top half of the egg-shaped object blew off, forcing the party back and clouding their minds. A living version of the skeletons encountered earlier emerged from the remains of the object. It took a moment to read the script on the wall and quickly incapacitated the party while they were dazed. When they came to, the spellweaver was gone. They had been stripped of their magical items, but gems and treasures had been left in their place.

The spellweaver incapacitates the party.
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